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Welcome to Chesapeake Underwater Sports

SCUBA Diving Is Our Passion ...
Diving is an adventure that encompasses many different elements : safety, knowledge, experience, travel, fun, friendship, personal growth, technical skills ... and more. As a full service Diving Center, we believe that passion for the sport is a critical element in our concern for our customers. We teach with that passion because we want our students to feel the same love, respect and appreciation that we feel for the diving experience.

Chesapeake Underwater Sports is a full service National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) diving center. This means that we can provide you with "student centered" diving instruction ranging from basic courses in skin diving and scuba, all the way through instructor qualification and beyond. Whether your interests are purely recreational, or professional, we can help you achieve your goals with safe, flexible and comprehensive programs.

We carry a full line of the most current and high quality equipment. From masks to regulators we not only offer the most competitive prices, but we also provide full service for every aspect of your gear.

When it comes to travel, we provide a full range of trips from resort diving and live-aboards in the Caribean and the Pacific in such exotic locations as Belize, Caymans, Bonaire, Bahamas, Hawaii, Fiji and more.the Caribbean and Pacific.

Getting started in diving is not quite like buying a tennis racket and heading for the courts. It takes a bit more knowledge in areas like safety, equipment, the environment, and travel. When all of these elements are brought together, you will have added an important new dimension of fun in your life. Our job is to give you the support, knowledge and skills to capture that fun safely and cost effectively.

Your goals, your experience and your needs are unique. Contact us to discuss them now. eMail us through the link on this page or through the form you'll find at Request Information.

The Adventure of a Lifetime awaits YOU ... Join us soon.

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