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Caribbean Shore Resort
Florida Live aboard


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  Other Wall
  Other activities Drift
  Shopping Cavern
  Night life Boat
  Restaurants Shore
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  Beginner 2-4
  Intermediate 5+
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  Medium/small animals Children traveling?
  Micro creatures Yes
  Cost per person No
  $500 - $1,000 Trip duration
  $1,000 - $2,000 Long weekend
  $2,000 + 5 - 7 days
  Time of year 7 days +
  Jan - Mar Year you're considering
  Apr - Jun This year
  Jul - Sep Next year
  Oct - Dec Uncertain
Please feel free to enter other information about your interests or particular needs. We will use this information to plan trips that satisfy the most participants. If you are interested in an independent trip, let us know so we can help you plan the adveneture.

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